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Are you frustrated by gem dealers who:

  • ☑️ Don't Communicate with you?

  • ☑️ Don't have your best interest at heart?

  • ☑️ Sell gems with questionable authenticity?

  • ☑️ Have difficult return policies?

  • ☑️ Ship from international locations causing delays, long transport times, customs issues, and uncertainty?

  • ☑️ Use enhanced photos and confusing descriptions to misrepresent their product?

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Our customers no longer struggle with the aggravation of sourcing gemstones

  • Colored Gemstone Outline, Round Brilliant Shape

    Natural Gemstones

    Our GIA trained gemologist ensure each gemstone is authentic and disclose any treatments. Additionally, our best gems are sent out for third-party certification.

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    Accurate Listings

    Our product photos correctly communicate the gems true color and the listing information is correctly stated in the description.

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    A+ Customer Service

    Prompt communication, fast shipping from the USA, and 14-day returns are all part of our positive customer support experience.

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We know what it feels like to struggle with finding quality gemstones

  • 1.93ct Peridot Gemstone, Radiant Shape Gem, Collage View


    Excellent shopping from MJ Gemstones. Very clear communication, outstanding service. The gem is as gorgeous as the pictures suggested and I am already planing my next purchase!


  • 3.70ct Reddish Pink Tourmaline Gemstone, Emerald Shape, Collage View


    Top grade gem, fantastic customer service, Matt is a true gentleman of the Gem world, always a pleasure to do business with, thanks buddy.

    -Bill W. One

  • 2.04ct Flamingo Pink Tourmaline Gemstone, Round Shape, Collage View


    This stone is going to be perfect for the ring I have in mind. Thank you for the quick shipping!


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Independent Jewelers and Designers rely on us for a positive gem buying experience

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  • Chupi Custom Jeweler
  • Becca Williams Jewellery Designer and Silversmith
  • Goldammer Jewelry
  • Green Mountain Magpie Jewelry Designers
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  • STEP 2: Pick The Perfect Gemstone

  • STEP 3: Create Handmade Jewelry

When you Create Handmade Jewelry, Praise & Recognition Follows!

You created a fabulous jewelry design. Now it is time to
select a gem from our inventory and turn your vision into reality!

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    Browse Our Inventory

    Enjoy exploring our collections of high quality natural gemstones.

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    Pick The Perfect Gemstone

    Select and order a gemstone to complete your jewelry design.

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    Create Handmade Jewelry

    Combine your vision with our gems to create a wonderful piece of jewelry.

At MJ Gemstones, we know that you want to create handmade jewelry that brings praise and recognition. To make your vision a reality, you need the right gemstone. But finding quality gemstones online can be difficult, stressful, and time-consuming. We believe you shouldn’t need to be an expert to find gemstones that add value to your creations.

We understand how it feels to struggle sourcing quality gemstones, which is why we, GIA trained gemologists, select our natural gemstones from the world’s best sources and represent them accurately in our listings.

Here are the steps to handmade jewelry:

Step 1. Browse Our Inventory; Enjoy exploring our collections of high quality natural gemstones.

Step 2. Pick the Perfect Gemstone; Browse our collections to find the perfect gemstone.

Step 3. Create Handmade Jewelry; Combine your vision with our gems to create a wonderful piece of jewelry.

So, select a gemstone from our inventory and turn your vision into reality. Additionally, sign up for our monthly newsletter below, and be the first to see our new gemstone arrivals.

Stop striking out with bad gemstone sellers, and partner with a business that helps you create desirable handmade jewelry that stands out.

- MJ Gemstones

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