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1.68ct Teal Sapphire Colored Gemstone

1.68ct Teal Sapphire Colored Gemstone

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Here is a charming teal colored sapphire gemstone. The gem is cut into a cushion shape and is ready to be mounted into a handmade piece of jewelry. Sapphires handle wear and tear well and are a great choice for rings. -Enjoy!          

Sapphire Colored Gemstone Details:

◊ Carat Weight: 1.68ct
◊ Cut: Cushion Shape
◊ Color: Teal (Greenish-Blue)
◊ Clarity: Eye-Clean
◊ Measurement: 6.81x6.10x4.52mm
◊ Treatment: Standard (traditional) Heat
◊ Locality: Tanzania
◊ Birthstone: September
◊ Stock No. 21204

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◊ Camera: Nikon D3200
◊ Lens: 40mm Macro
◊ Lighting: 5600k LED Daylight Bulbs

We do not use cellphones for photography. Photos taken by cellphones artificially enhance the gem's color.

Finish & Inclusions

Due to the camera’s macro lens abrasions and internal inclusions are more noticeable in the photographs than in person. This is because the camera’s lens acts like a microscope and magnifies the gemstone.

Clarity Grades:

◊ Loupe Clean (IF) - appears clean when viewed under 10x magnification

◊ Eye-clean (VVS) - appears clean to the unaided eye

◊ Slightly Included (VS) - minute inclusions difficult to see with the unaided eye.

◊ Moderately Included (SI) - minor inclusions somewhat easy to see with the unaided eye

◊ Heavily Included (I1-I2) - prominent inclusions that have a negative effect on appearance or durability

◊ Severely Included (I3)- prominent inclusions that have a severe effect on appearance, durability, or both

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